Celebrating birthday once in four years has taught me patience – Korede Bello

Singer, Korede Bello, who was born on February 29, speaks to Tofarati Ige about his career and how it feels celebrating his birthday once in every four years

You went off the radar for some time. Did you intentionally take a break from the music industry?

Yes! My short break was intentional and very necessary for my sanity and personal development. I needed time and space to catch my breath and prioritise my health over my work.

You were born on February 29. How does it feel not being able to celebrate your birthday every year?

I must confess it does make me feel special. I don’t have to feel like I’m getting older every year (laughs). It is truly special to anticipate something for four years. It teaches one a lot about patience and rewards.

What’s the most memorable birthday celebration you’ve had?

All the birthdays I’ve had have been memorable because I had four years to plan for them.

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