Don't recruit Miyetti Allah into Amotekun - FFK warns

After news broke out yesterday that  Miyetti Allah are seeking their members inclusion into Amotekun, former Minister of Aviation and a critic of this Government, Femi Fani-Kayode this morning warned of such inclusion. According to Fani, it is a no go area. He made this known in two tweets this morning...

''Recruiting Miyetti Allah into Amotekun is like recruiting demons into an army of angels. It's like recruiting hyenas into an army of lions. It's like recruiting vultures into an army of eagles. It's like recruiting sharks into an army of dolphins. Simply put: KO LE WERK!..1/2

''..It's like recruiting Nazis into the Israeli Defence Force. It's like recruiting the Ku Klux Klan into the ranks of the Black Panthers. It's like recruiting Hutus into an Army ofTutsis. It's like recruiting the white Boers into Nelson Mandela's ANC.  I say it again: KO LE WERK!'', the tweets read.

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