Jimi Agbaja speaks on PDP's name change, Amotekun

Jimi Agbaje a former governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, in this interview, speaks about PDP's name change, Amotekun and other issues with Temitope Ogunbanke. But we are only bringing you that of PDP's name change and Amotekun. His words;

There have been talks about PDP changing its name. Are you in support of that move?

I don’t see what we want to change our name for at this point in time. I think what we should do is to sell ourselves better to the people. Changing the name from PDP to another doesn’t mean anything. What matters is that you change the perception of yourselves. I am not one of those in support of change of name for the PDP. You can change name if there is a new arrangement in place in which case, there are other people that are coming in as major stakeholders to form an alliance or merger. If that happens, then there can be change of name, but I won’t support changing the name of the party as presently constituted. What we should lay emphasis on now is to sell ourselves better to the people and let Nigerians know why the PDP is the best alternative for them.

The issue of Amotekun dominated the media space recently. Also, the security crisis in the country was the focus of discussions in the National Assembly. How best do you think this issue can be tackled?

I think every right thinking person must be concerned about the security situation. For some of us, we even know more than others and the more you know, the more you know that there is a big problem of insecurity across the country, mostly in the North-East and North Central. The reality facing us is that across the country, there is rising insecurity.  I believe that people have now come to accept that we need to begin to look at our security differently. We can no longer have one big force trying to provide security; we will need to break down that security, not only to the regional level, but to the state and local government levels.

That is the community policing the Federal Government is talking about.  Community policing is breaking down security right to the grassroots. For me, the concern is high and it is not looking good security-wise.  You can see the negative reactions we are getting from foreign governments. The travel ban by the United States is related to security issues. These are some of the things that will continue to come if we don’t act fast and address these issues. The earlier we solve it, the better for us.

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