This Chinese man's coronavirus protection outfit is the most extreme you've ever seen


A Chinese man has dressed up as an astronaut to protect himself from the coronavirus while going out shopping.

 The man, known by his surname Li, purchased the 125 yuan full-body costume online for 'extra protection' as the deadly disease sweeps through the country. He said: 'I thought the costume was adorable and it could protect me [from the virus].

 'I am wearing a face mask underneath as well. It's double protection,' added Mr Li from Fujian Province as he spoke to video news outlet Pear.

 The Chinese resident asked his friend to film a video of him donning the inflated outfit and cruising around his complex in the city of Sanming on a scooter.

 He received mixed reactions from other residents after sharing the video online. Mr Li did not explain how much he had spent on the apparel, but a similar costume costs 125 yuan on average on Chinese e-commerce site Taobao.

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