Trump's son gets permit to hunt and kill Alaska grizzly bear

Donald Trump Jr has received a permit to hunt and kill a grizzly bear in Alaska, wildlife officials said.

The president’s eldest son was granted a permit on Monday to hunt north and east of Nome, Alaska later this year, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Trump Jr was not given one of the limited number of ‘dignitary’ licenses and game tags that the Alaska governor may give out. Instead, he applied for one of the 27 licenses for out-of-state hunters in the area. Only two other hunters reportedly applied for the same permit.

Hunting permits near Nome are not in high demand due to the remoteness of the area and the high cost to travel there.

Trump Jr’s permit runs from August 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021. Last year, out-of-state hunters killed 11 bears in the region Trump Jr is allowed to hunt in. In-state hunters took down 40 bears in the area.

Because he is an out-of-state hunter, Trump Jr must be accompanied by a licensed Alaska guide for his hunt.

His permit allows him to target grizzly bears, which are the same species as Alaska brown bears.

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