81 countries, regions restrict entry from South Korea over coronavirus

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday said a total of 81 countries have imposed entry restrictions on its country over fears of the new coronavirus.

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of the country’s foreign relations as well as handling matters related to overseas Korean nationals.

According to the ministry, 37 countries are barring the entry of South Koreans and foreigners who have visited the country in the past few weeks.

Turkey and Laos were the latest to join the list and Angola said it will begin to impose a ban as from Tuesday.

So far, 43 countries and over a dozen regions in China have implemented tougher quarantine procedures that require 14-day mandatory isolation and close monitoring.

Nigeria, Honduras and the Chinese provinces of Zhejiang and Chongqing were newly added to the list.

South Korea has, however, called on governments to refrain from taking such excessive measures against its country in spite of Seoul’s beefed-up diplomacy to prevent inordinate measures targeting its citizens.

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