Disneyland coronavirus closure halts visits of man who has visited everyday for 2,995 days

A die-hard Disney fan who has visited California's Disneyland theme park every day for more than eight years ended his streak just shy of 3,000 days when the park temporarily closed.

Disney announced it was temporarily closing Disneyland amid the coronavirus pandemic March 13, causing Jeff Reitz's 2,995th consecutive day at the theme park was the last of his streak.

"The streak's been ended," Reitz, 47, told the Orange County Register. "The park is closing, but the calendar is not."

Reitz said he still plans to visit the park when it reopens, but his streak is over.

"On the negative side, I didn't get to choose the end," Reitz said. "But on the positive side, I didn't have to choose the end."

Reitz said he pland to seek a Guinness World Record for his streak of Disneyland visits. He said all other frequent visitors that he's heard of ended their consecutive streaks after only a year or two.

"I'm still looking forward to coming back and having more fun, but it won't be that consecutive count anymore," Reitz said.

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