Indonesian woman caned in public for having s.e.x outside marriage

A woman was among eight people publicly canned for breaking Sharia law in Indonesia.

The woman wearing white on to her knees before another female police officer, wearing an entirely maroon religious dress, joins her on the stage.

A long cane was used for the punishment and reporters at the scene say the penalties metered out ranged from 25 to 45 lashes, dependent on the crime.

The woman is said to have been charged with having s.e.x outside of marriage, which is against Sharia law.

Later, photos show a similar punishment is carried out on a man accused of moral crimes.
The punishments were carried out in Banda Aceh in the Aceh province in Indonesia.

Aceh is the only province that has implemented Sharia law.

It considers lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships as well as s.e.x outside of marriage, as violations of the code of religious law.

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