One of America's best paid s.e.x workers says business has boomed during coronavirus isolation

As the coronavirus pandemic has threatened to bring the US to a halt, a s.e.x worker has lifted the lid on what will happen to her line of work.

Alice Little, who is the highest-earning licensed s.e.x worker at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, US, admitted that she was worried business would be impacted negatively.

She told how the viral outbreaks and the fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the business of a s.e.x worker.

The 29-year-old s.e.x entrepreneur said: “S.e.x workers are often stigmatised as diseased trollops to begin with.

“Combine that stereotype with even more societal anxiety over a dangerous virus like COVID-19, and s.e.x workers could wrongly be viewed as walking Petri dishes that should be avoided at all costs."

According to MEA Worldwide (MEAWW), Alice said that s.e.x workers have the right to refuse any client for any reason.

The s.e.x worker said she expected to see cancellations after the announcement of the first confirmed case in Nevada, but that “exact opposite occurred”.

She claims that this increase is down to the “basic human need for connection during stressful times”.

Alice continued: “It goes to show that, in times of crisis, the need for human connection transcends the fear of the unknown.

“When society is faced with an alarming situation rife with uncertainty, people yearn to be with others that will hold them close, listen to them, and remind them why life is worth living."

The escort believes that s.e.x workers offer more than just a physical connection, adding: “Oftentimes, we are our clients' most trusted confidants.

“Clients share their deepest emotional secrets and most tender vulnerabilities with s.e.x workers.

“So it makes sense to me why many people would want to be with s.e.x workers when political or health crises emerge."

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