Eric Bailly donates truckloads of food and essentials to vulnerable people in Ivory Coast

Eric Bailly has made a kind-hearted donation to under-privileged people affected by the coronavirus crisis in his native Ivory Coast.

The Manchester United defender has his own charity - the Eric Bailly Foundation - and he has managed to send lorry loads of food, drink and other essential items to be distributed in the country.

It is yet another example of the incredible and generous work Premier League footballers do which has been highlighted this week, especially through the formation of the PlayersTogether charity.

Players are continuing to do their own charity work and Bailly's United team mate Harry Maguire has set up an idea to help send out food packages to the elderly and vulnerable in the Yorkshire village where he grew up.

But many overseas players are also keen to help their own countries and, while many have still pledged to give generously to the PlayersTogether, they are also doing their bit overseas.

Bailly has a strong charity Foundation up and running to help back in Ivory Coast and his latest donation is a brilliant donation to those in isolation and who have been affected by the virus.

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