Mum who gave birth during coronavirus lockdown calls child 'Covid Bryant'

It's no secret that choosing a baby name can be difficult, with so many possibilities out there.

Expectant parents might be inspired by everything from their favourite television characters to a lost loved one.

But it seems some new mums and dads have found inspiration in a rather unlikely source.

One newborn baby has reportedly been named after the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a viral post on Twitter, a woman has named her bundle of joy 'Covid Bryant', a combination of Covid-19 and the name of Kobe Byrant, the American basketball star that was tragically killed in a helicopter accident back in January.

A Twitter user named Nina Cayosa shared the bizarre news, writing: "Saw a message where one of the maid’s daughters gave birth last March 15 (start of the lockdown) & you’ll never guess what they named their NEWBORN CHILD.......COVID BRYANT."

Cayosa's post has since been liked over 50,000 times and garnered thousands of retweets.

People understandably had some thoughts about the choice of name.

"This is a kid getting bullied waiting to happen," said one.
Another commented: "This kid is gonna change the world. Hahaha."

"Parents should literally have counseling first before naming their child. Bryant is OK but naming your kid after a virus? Seriously," added a third.

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