Photos: Zebra gives birth to ‘zonkey’ after mating with donkey

A zebra gave birth to a rare zebra-donkey hybrid called a “zonkey” in a national park in Kenya, East Africa.

The conservation group Sheldrick Wildlife Trust announced the foal’s birth at the Chyulu National Park in a statement on April 8.

Team members from the organization first spotted the zebra with her baby earlier this year but was unable to get a proper look until weeks later. Upon getting a closer glance at the baby animal, the team was finally able to confirm that it was a zebra-donkey hybrid.

“While zebra foals are born with white and brown stripes that eventually turn black, this little one’s body was suspiciously light on stripes and overwhelmingly tawny in color,” the organization explained.

The group also pointed out that a “zonkey” is a “highly unusual” hybrid between a zebra and a donkey. Since the gestation period of a zebra is 12 months, the organization said that it “obviously [become] acquainted with an amorous donkey” in the past year before it was transported to its current home.

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