Dad's heartbreak as his 12 year-old son takes his own life after struggling during lockdown

A heartbroken father whose 12-year-old son committed suicide last month, says his son's life was turned upside down because of coronavirus.

Brad Hunstable's son Hayden died during the lockdown, having shown no previous signs of depression.

It was just three days before his 13th birthday, when Hayden died by suicide in his bedroom.

His father from Aledo, Texas in the USA, said: “This is a kid who loved life, was the life of the party.'

He says his son was badly affected by being separated from his friends and his routine.

“I know this. My son would be alive if he was in school,” Mr Hunstable said.

“He didn’t like the isolation. He didn’t like being at home.”

Mr Hunstable said he believed sharing his personal tragedy on a YouTube video, which has now been viewed millions of times, would help focus attention on a topic that is usually taboo.

"It can happen to everybody. And with this social isolation for the virus, any little thing becomes even more amplified,” he said.

"My son died from the coronavirus as I mentioned, but not in the way you think."

The father also started a new Facebook page and set up a website called "Hayden's Corner" to call attention to the issue and raise money for a public relations campaign.

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