Family in pains as landlord shoots tenant dead for allegedly refusing to leave his property [photos]

A landlord in Ofankor, Ghana has been arrested for allegedly shooting his tenant who refused to vacate his house after he ordered him to.

Facebook user, Blessing Naana Ansah-Senkyire narrated it happened to her brother. Sharing photos of the incident and the arrested suspect  she revealed her brother was supposed to leave the room he rented from the man the day he asked him to leave, but he couldn't finish packing, so he promised to leave the next day, but the man got angry, picked up his gun and shot him.

She wrote; ''Yesterday this man shot and killed my brother at ofankor. Mr landlord who is a disappointed bugar, you won't go free. No one will bail you out for taking a life.. He was asked to vacate his room yesterday but couldn't finished packing so he wanted to live today and the landlord got angry pick a gun at him why he still in his room.. Then he shot him''

Blessing Naana Ansah-Senkyire also shared a copy of the tenancy agreement which showed that her brother's rent expired on the day he was shot.

She wrote in another post;

''This is the proof that my brother rent expired this month 24th may 2020. The murderer was only a witnessed and son to the landlord who is the mother.. Then on 25th he shot him dead. How on earth can human be this wicked?... .. The mother claimed the son cannot Be in jail. But we live to see.
Now he's been taken to prison for two weeks before the case shall be heard.''

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