‘He squeezed my b.r.e.a.s.t.s on my way to aunt’s place’, Form 1 girl says as community seeks kick-out of pedophilic police officer

Residents of Indangalasia in Lurambi, Kakamega County have urged the National Police Service to launch investigations into the conduct of an administration police officer accused of s.e.xually preying on underage girls in the area.

This comes hours after the said-cop allegedly fondled a 16-year-old girl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s when she was on her way to her aunt’s place on Thursday evening.

The girl had been given table banking (chamaa) money by her mother to take to her aunt, when she bumped into the randy police officer. The minor said she managed to trick the cop into allowing her proceed with her journey, promising to reunite with him on her way back home.

Upon delivering the package to her aunt — the wife of her father’s brother — the Form One student requested the relative to escort her back home, fearing “being s.e.xually abused by the said-officer, whom she had encountered on her way”.

In an interview with K24 Digital, the girl’s aunt, said: “She (niece) told me: ‘aunty, kindly escort me home’. I asked her: ‘why can’t you go alone?’, and she responded: ‘There is a male police officer who squeezed my breasts when I was coming here.

 I lied to him that I had been sent to the shop, and that I would join him on my way back. I fear he would defile me. Kindly escort me home’.

“I agreed to accompany her home. On the way, the said-police officer chased us with a whip. When I screamed, he ran away,” added the girl’s aunt, whom we can’t publish her identity for ethical reasons.

K24 Digital was informed that it was the second time the suspect was preying on the same minor.

“The first time, he caressed her on her way to a nearby posho mill,” said the girl’s father, adding: “I want the government to crack the whip on the randy police officer.”

Another resident claimed earlier Thursday, he and his neighbours caught the law enforcement agent s.e.xually abusing another minor.

“I was on my way from Kakamega Town, when I saw the police officer caressing a teenage girl. I, in the company of several women, ran after him. When we finally caught him at the police station, the police boss protected him. On Wednesday (May 20), he fondled my brother’s underage daughter,” said the resident.

A female resident told K24 Digital: “We want him kicked out of our neighbourhood, it is not the first time he is preying on underage girls.”

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