Yomi Fabiyi reveals heartfelt reason he used his late mother's toothbrush

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has explained why he used his late mother's toothbrush soon after her demise.

Speaking in an interview with Damola Kola-Dare, he said not making use of her toothbrush after her death will be like betrayal because they sometimes shared the same toothbrush when she was alive.

Explaining it in full, he said;

''The bond between a mother and child is already spiritual. The cord wasn’t for fashion. A child once depended on the breath, food, water, and blood of the mother to survive. The first sound any child hears and understands is the mother’s heartbeat. And since my mum’s sickness, I personally took her to live with me since my dad had a second wife and people were calling that my mum was not given proper care.

''When the call became unbearable and my mum kept denying just to protect my dad and the younger wife, I was forced to settle the whole issue amicably by taking her to live with me. As we lived together, sometimes when she couldn’t find her brush, she used mine thinking I won’t notice. Do I throw the brush away because my mum used it? The instinct as a child who cares about his mum is to rinse and continue using. This happened a couple of times. And when I traveled, she died before I returned. The only visible thing I saw was the toothbrush. I almost threw it away but I felt if I did, It would be betrayal because she was no more. I continued using it. I have never heard about lifespan for brush, I used to dispose of when it depreciates until I saw comments after I shared my afterlife bonding with my mother.

''I love my mom dearly because of a flashback of her sacrifices and motherhood, she exemplifies a small god. If I want to come to this world again, I want to come through her. If the use of the brush now has a spiritual undertone to anyone, check how they treat their mother. And they are free to kill their mother and use her toothbrush to understand the meaning. As for me, it is my way of mourning my beloved mother and I am unapologetic about it.''

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