Banker dives into glass as stunt goes wrong while celebrating his 30th birthday

This is the shocking moment a man leaps through a glass swimming pool panel in a stunt gone wrong at his boozy 30th birthday bash.

Dimitry Prigorodov hurled himself through a window last week, hoping to dive straight into a swimming pool below.

But the banker from Moscow did not jump far enough and crashed into the glass and metal barrier surrounding the pool.

He is seen diving head first out of the window aiming for the swimming pool below.

After colliding with the glass panel Dimitry then fell into the swimming pool.

Dimitry said: ’It was my birthday and I rented a cottage to celebrate my anniversary.

‘We were celebrating and drinking alcohol.

‘It seemed to us that we could try and jump in principle.'

Unfortunately his stunt did not go as planned and Dimity suffered torn ligaments a bruised chest and has since had two operations to heal his injured hands and legs.

His left arm and leg have stopped working.

Despite his injuries, Dimitry posted the clip on his social media and says he does not regret his misjudged jump because the footage became popular among his friends.

Although the cottage where the stunt took place was rented, Dimitry did not have to pay for the damage he caused by hitting the glass panel as the rental contract had not been drafted correctly.

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