Former KFC employee now earns over N70m a year by selling her sexy photos online

A former KFC employee is now earning £120,000 (N70,800,000) a year by selling sexy snaps of herself online.

Beth Spiby used to spend her time cooking fried chicken and working at M&S in the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

But after a brief taste of “fame”, her life looks a lot different now.

The 24-year-old appeared in a three-part documentary about KFC back in 2015, called Billion Dollar Chicken Shop.

She was also a contestant on E4 reality show Shipwrecked.

These TV jobs have helped Beth to build her online profile, which is probably one of the reasons her OnlyFans career has taken off.

Beth set up an OnlyFans page in December 2016 and grew her following to 1,000 in a week – allowing her to quit her job with M&S.

The former fast food worker now lives in Australia with her girlfriend.

She makes between £10,000 and £15,000 a month from the site, which has over 13 million subscribers.

Beth says she find her work 'empowering' - and has made so much money on the site she has decided to travel the world

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