South African Provincial Executive arrested for allegedly defiling his two daughters

A grotesque development has been reported from Mpumalanga on Monday, after the ANC revealed one of their former MPs, Sikhumbuzo Eric Kholwane, has been taken in for questioning by police over the alleged rape of two unidentified minors. The prominent party member, who still plays an active role in the aforementioned province, was arrested earlier this morning.

He has previously served as a Chairperson of the Communications portfolio committee in the fourth Parliament after the 2009 Elections. The Mpumalanga branch of the ruling party has since shared a statement on the matter, and we’ve learned that the executive structures have suspended his membership and asked the suspect to ‘step aside’ while the investigation is ongoing. Despite the complexities of the case, the ANC took the decision to name him in their official statement.


The sickening crime that Kholwane is accused of committing spits in the face of a country that is desperately battling against its gender-based violence demons. The ANC has been resolute in its bid to reduce GBV cases, but with one of their own accused of such heinous behaviour, the sincerity of their message is in danger of being severely undermined.

This is certainly not the ex-MP’s first brush with the law, either. The suspect was caught up in a r3pe allegation in 2012, before the case was dropped just a few months later. A lack of evidence was enough to give the Mpumalanga heavyweight a reprieve. But should these new charges stick, it’s safe to say the law will not be so kind to him this time around.

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