It's no longer funny! I spend N120k on electricity per month - Toke Makinwa

Media girl, Toke Makinwa has said what she is going through is no longer funny as she spends about N30,000 a week on electricity alone and N120,000 a month in total.

She says the Government is doing everything to make her citizens not have peace.

She took to twitter just now to lay her complain.  What she tweeted;

''Damnnnn the government just makes it tough for its citizen to have peace, this increase on PHCN tariff is ridiculous, how do I spend 120k at 30k a week on light alone? That’s it I’m going back to my village, idanre here I come

''You spend 30k per week to recharge Nepa card, that’s 120k a month and 1.2million a year to keep the lights on in Nigeria. Jokessssssssssss phew Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat'', her second tweet read.

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